Our Cakes

Cakes have been present at various ceremonies for centuries, playing an array of symbolic roles through different cultures and generations. However today their functionality has changed from simple tradition, to a centerpiece. In creating this centerpiece pure care and devotion is given to ensure the quality of the baking and the final end product meets the clientele’s expectations. We encourage everyone to come for a personal consultation with our in-house designer to design a cake, which is simply beautiful yet, very personal.

We have three major ranges these include: The Wedding Cake Range, designed to be a reflection of the love between those who share it. The Occasion Range (including birthday cakes) designed to be the playful replication of one’s soul. And finally The Cupcake Range, designed to be a taste of the love we have for our work.  We also have a variety of flavours, which are available upon request. In addition to this; we can also cater towards allergies such as; dairy free and gluten free.

Our Cakes are aimed to enhance an occasion creating an ambience that is individual, not to mention enjoyable!